Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday 7th May Las Vegas NV

Dinner in the evening at the Ranch

Our dedicated singing cowboy kept going 16 hours a day, he was good especially arounfd the camp fire !

We all fell off the wagon that night.

Outside the cabins

Remember the film Thelma & Louise, this i where the car chase ended !

The Hoover Dam

Arrived here to find a proper Motel with Hi Quality Internet and free phone calls to continental USA and Canada ! A world first for us !

Waiting to picked up to pick up our Helicoptor at the Airport for our trip to the Grand Canyon this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Heights are not my thing so it will be an experience but hopefully a positive part of our great adventure. It is really hot here even warmer than Singapore ! Will catch a show later after we have recovered from our trek etc.

Will post some pictures tomorrow.

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