Thursday, 19 May 2011

19th May 2011 - Arrive Home 09:22 LHR

Made it home just a few hours later than our original planned time from New York. So we left 12 later and made up 9 hours. The big upside was cutting out American Customs and immigration although we had already cracked immigration previouslyby using our Canadian dream passports. No scanning, no finger printing, no retina scans, no arrival or departure slips !

However Linda and I were picked out at Halifax NS departure by the Canadian Border Guys as suspects for money laundering. Soon put them right though ! Great flight had two seats each, only 4 hours time shift no rain and sunshine on arrival !!

England looks so green like nothing else in the world !!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18th May 2011 Stranded in Canada

So here we are in Halifax Nova Scotia waiting for a plane at midnight ! Our BA Partner Airline (some rinky dink airline) could not fly to New York because of bad weather in the N Eastern US coupled with Obama visiting Boston has caused Chaos. Air Canada have stepped into the breach so the long wait begins. It seems ages since this morning when we raced to the airport to get our rental unit back and book in early for our US flight.

Linda is shopping at the moment but we have attended an airport tour, a demonstration of Drug Dogs in operation, and a chat from the Mounties! What else can we do ? Answers on a postcard or yea even a comment !

Will update later,

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

17th May 2011 Halifax Shopping, Peggy's Cove

16th May 2011 Halifax Tour

Did the shopping trail over one bridge McKay and back over the from MicMac Mall.
Went to see our old Apartment and haunts. Scary as little had changed really! Pier 21 downtown Halifax, the setting for the arrival of Patrick to Canada when he was 9 months old proved to be very interesting as they had all my records, passenger list and even my breakfast menu for one of the days at seas ! When I went there 30 years ago the building was derelict but now it has been restored, they have made a great job of it. MY name was not in the hall of fame so I asked the question to which the answer was they paid a $250 contribution to the reconstruction !